Developers "fold" design of new HC

In 2-3 years at the Moscow and Moscow region may be a shortage of quality supply of new housing. This opinion was voiced Maxim Zaratuychenko, director of "Slavinveststroy."

The current decline in consumer activity to make adjustments to the plans of developers. "Flashes" activate sales passed and those who wanted to keep their savings in rubles, "translated" into square meters, have already made a purchase or commit it to the end of the year.

"So, what will be the demand for housing, which will be put into operation in 1.5-3 years is difficult to predict. In this regard, market players prefer to suspend projects in the pipeline "project" and direct financial resources for the completion of facilities that are already selling. Moving in demand segment almost unfinished housing is also forcing developers to build an increasingly not "spraying" money for projects on paper "- he said.

As a result, the volume will be reduced and the design when the economic situation stabilizes, there may be a shortage of supply.

"The most successful players in the market will continue to work on new projects. Smaller or "young" companies may even withdraw from the market. May also increase the number of long-term construction. Therefore, buyers should be careful in choosing the company and object for investment, "- says M. Zaratuychenko.

He also believes that in the context of scarce proposals will benefit those companies that will still work on new projects, as well as buyers who invested their savings in liquid objects.


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