Developers are changing approach to the design of commercial areas in residential complexes

Today, the demand of buyers is forcing developers to review the approach to the design of commercial premises in residential complexes, said Maxim Zaratuychenko, director of "Slavinveststroy."

According to him, to those who are considering real estate in terms of investment with the prospect of future income and low payback period, have become more interested in commercial areas than flat. Therefore, developers are trying to project such commercial premises to be purchased in a short time and at the highest possible price.

"When buying non-residential premises in the new building in Moscow with a good location, rational planning such an investment will pay for itself in 3-5 years, while the acquisition of the apartment for subsequent lease payback amounts to about 7-11 years. Cost per square meter of commercial space and residential today is almost the same, "- said the expert.

According Zaratuychenko proper planning, calculation of height ceilings, lighting, insulation, ventilation reduces the exposure time of such areas up to 1 month.

"There are in the market such facilities where non-residential premises are sold over the years. When this is not always the cause failure location, but in the wrong approach to the design of such space. Extra angles, poor calculation of energy supply and other factors make such facilities are not in demand. Therefore, developers are more weighted approach to the design of commercial premises "- said the expert.

According to him, often buy commercial areas in residential complexes for arranging them in grocery stores, beauty salons, opening of bank branches, as well as various service industries.


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