In St. Petersburg growing demand for the elite suburban real estate

Today the suburban housing market of St. Petersburg is a growing demand for luxury housing and at the same time the proposal does not meet the demands of customers. Only 5% of the objects can be called popular. This opinion was voiced Maxim Zaratuychenko, director of "Slavinveststroy."

"The demand for homes, especially expensive price segment - is growing. From the beginning, the number of those wishing to buy a house in the suburbs of St. Petersburg increased by 35-40%. At the same time, the market is practically not updated with new, relevant project to date, "- said the expert.

According to him, today demanded energy efficient luxury cottages in the village club with good infrastructure, landscaping, with convenient access roads to the houses, a good local area and the number of neighbors, no more than 20-30. The internal space of the house and surrounding area should be designed on the principle of "open plan" and "open plan". It is also important presence in and around the green spaces. In this way from the city to suburban housing should take 30-40 minutes.

"Term Exposure quality facilities where buyers offer good infrastructure, homes and thoughtful planning in general the most comfortable living conditions, up to several months," - says M. Zaratuychenko. He also notes that today is being reconstructed several elite settlements that will meet the expectations of today's customers. Housing estates have to enter the market early next year.


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