Expert opinion: New suburbs will not compete price but liquidity

In the short and medium term projects residential real estate will not compete price and good liquidity and unique architecture. This forecast was voiced director of "Slavinveststroy" Zaratuychenko Maxim.

"Today, the housing market of Moscow region is actively growing, and supply exceeds demand. Objects compete mainly due to price. At the same time there is a tendency, when investors are considering buying an object in terms of its liquidity. Therefore, the winners will be those companies that offer comparable objects rivals on price housing, but also with a good prospect of profitable to sell an object, as well as with its unique architecture, "- said the expert.

According to the expert, today invest in square footage is a good way to save money and increase. Investors with a limited budget to buy a house in the suburbs, while taking into account the potential liquidity facility. Among the objects for sale about 30% can be attributed to the objects with a good measure of liquidity. Others - should be viewed only as a purchase for permanent residence.

"When there is a choice among similar objects at the price, the choice is made in favor of the hard-edged competitive advantage. Today, the criteria for liquidity is primarily the location (close to good transport interchange), low-rise construction, infrastructure. With regard to the latter, the standard set for today are nothing new, it is necessary to build additional facilities for outdoor activities, to create complete parks, etc. Also important is the unique architecture of the house should stand favorably among competitors. The most effective planning of apartments also affect the demand for the object ", - says Maxim Zaratuychenko.

Increase in the cost of additional options when creating and improving liquidity may be partially offset by the reduction of the period of construction and application of rational design solutions.

"Today we can build for 4-8 months  objects area 3-10 sq. m. The reduction of construction time reduces the cost of construction equipment rental, staff salaries and allows you to create from savings competitive advantage object "- says the expert.