" Slavinvestroy " reached high positions in the exclusive market for repair machinery. Not stopping there, the company is actively working to develop its presence in the repair and maintenance of cranes, as well as increases the volume of deliveries to the CIS market cranes of leading manufacturers.

The company's activities towards the production and repair of cranes began in 2007 with a major repair, major restoration and maintenance of cranes. Today, the company specializes in the repair of bridge, gantry, cantilever, slewing cranes and crane beams of various types, designs and modifications. Since 2010, we started production of bridge and gantry cranes and provide all kinds of necessary works. &Nbsp;

The company carries out repair and manufacture cabs cranes, hoists, electric hoists, electric motors and traction generators, and the company's specialists carry out repair, maintenance, preventive and commissioning. Carried out not only recovery, but also the installation and dismantling, including the replacement of obsolete equipment with new technology. &Nbsp;

To ensure a high quality of work, timeliness, performance, warranty and service, all in the course of work, the company uses only the latest technologies and materials.

Types of products :

Cabs management ▼
Grapples ▼
Trucks ▼
Motors and generators ▼
Excitation Systems ▼
Accessories ▼


Company " Slavinveststroy " provides services to major, major-reduction   and current repair of gantry cranes general and special purpose such as QC, CCS, CCC, GCC, KP, CCV, IAMB carrying capacity (g / n) 1; 2; 3.2; 5; 10; 12.5; 16; 25; 32; 36; 50; 80; 100 tons.

Types of services:

Repair mechanical crane: ▼
Repairs to the electrical part of the crane: ▼
Hydraulic part: ▼
Repair of gantry cranes: ▼
Repair of bridge cranes of any modification: ▼
Repair and installation of crane beams: ▼